Collection: LOCAL RELIEF FUND: Laguna Covid 19 Fund

The mission of the Laguna Covid 19 Fund is to help our Laguna Beach neighbors in need as we take on the challenges of COVID-19. 

The focus is to provide immediate financial aid to those who live or work in Laguna Beach with emphasis on those in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, and personal services industries. 

Emergency Assistance Mini-Grants will be awarded to applicants consistent with the Mission and Focus of Laguna COVID-19 Relief. Applications will be reviewed by the LBCF COVID-19 Fund Advisors and Community Committee, and grants will be awarded to support those most affected and in need.

Your support and contributions will enable us to help improve conditions for those of our community who have been adversely affected by COVID-19.  Your generous donation will fund our mission and bring relief to families in need.  

Please visit their website to learn more and donate directly to the cause.

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